MMA School: How to Find the Best Martial Arts School

I've been to a few martial arts school, Kung Fu, Karate, Judo, Brazilian Jiu jutsu, kick boxing you name it. Now I stick to one school because I have found what I wanted. So how do you find what martial arts school is right for you? My answer is to try a few lessons in each style. Easy right? Wrong! From my experience, it took me a while to find the right martial arts. Seven years in fact. The biggest problem in finding the right martial arts is finding the right teacher.

Your martial arts teacher or instructor I think is more important than what style you do. This is because all your learning or techniques is coming from that one person. The instructor or teacher is the person who you are learning the martial arts from, not the name of the school. For instance, I went to a karate school to learn from. The person who was instructing showed me techniques from Brazilian jiu jutsu. What I expected to learn karate, I got taught Brazilian jiu jutsu. So it was one teacher teaching another's martial art style.

Another problem I came across to find the right style was how each instructor trains. Some schools are very traditional. For instance, you have to bow to your instructor or fellow student before you spar or do a technique. Or there is an etiquette when you talk to an instructor. Most schools like karate and many kung fu schools practice katas or forms for most or even all of the class time. Some schools just spar and occasionally have a demonstration of a technique. So it varies a lot depending on the instructor and school. The only way to find out is to give the class a go. This will take time.

So in summary, to find the best school for you, you'll just have to keep looking until you feel its right for you.

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It's true finding an mma school is not easy. Fundamentally, there are a few things that trouble me. The first is that it's not easy to find a style that you or your body might feel comfortable with. The second is the teacher or coach of the mma school. The third is the students at the school and finally the overall vibe of the mma school.  The thing, though about finding a style is that when you are at an mma school, at the very least, all basics will be covered, wrestling, Muay Thai and Jiu Jitsu.

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MMA School: The Greatest of Them All - Mixed Martial Arts As the New Fighting Style

Wrestling and boxing are often considered the oldest sports in the world, as men (and more recently, women) have sought to establish their reputation through physical prowess. Over the years, many different cultures have developed their own fighting style and techniques; there's Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Greco-Roman wrestling, karate, etc. But in our age of globalization, where cultures begin to bump into each other, a new style, mixed martial arts, has emerged as a conglomeration of many different styles into one unique fighting form.

Mixed martial arts, as it has been grown to be called, is not a specific fighting style in and of itself, but is rather an opportunity to experiment with a wide range of traditions and techniques at once. This allows for a wide range of moves that would traditionally be banned from various fighting styles. Where wrestling wouldn't allow for punch and kicks, mixed martial arts allow you to use Judo and boxing styles. And where boxing would allow for grappling or holds, MMA does.

Mixed martial arts is best exemplified by the athletes in the Ultimate Fighting Championships, the emerging fighting league that is beginning to challenge wrestling and boxing in popularity. Started in the early 1990s, the Ultimate Fighting Championships has grown as fighters from across the world can bring their training and techniques--as well as a combination of them all--to the arena in a battle to subdue their opponent. Drawing on stand-up, clinch, and ground disciplines, the Ultimate Fighting Championships allows for kicks, punches, submission holds, and much more as fighters answer that storied question on the mat: which, of all the fighting traditions, is the most effective of them all?

The Arena ( is a San Diego MMA training gym that focuses on both students who want a great MMA school and fighters who want a great place to train.
Billings Farnsworth is a freelance writer.
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While the mma school is rooted in quite some history, most of it is passed off pretty easily. People forget about Greece's pancration and how the Spartans held the title of best mma school.
It is rather funny now, how most schools think most of the techniques are really new, when in reality, they have just been reawaken. I do think this revived spirit in a well rounded does well in the mma schools and for the mixed martial arts in general.
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MMA School: MMA Workout Routine Weekly Planner

Mixed martial arts (MMA) is at the pinnacle of variety for combative athletes. Incorporating Brazilian jiu-jitsu (BJJ), submission grappling, wrestling, muay thai and boxing, you might be scratching your head on how to organize your training and conditioning into a weekly MMA workout routine.

First off, you should realize that your routine will almost never be the same week in, week out. At times, you'll be peaking before competition, at others you'll be concentrating on your technical skills. Other times you'll be recovering from injury or overtraining. In still others, you'll be trying to gain strength, lose fat or increase your work capacity.

No matter what is going on, your weekly MMA workout schedule will be ever-changing. However, it doesn't have to be chaotic: I'll discuss the basics which will help you organize your workouts on a week to week basis.

First and foremost, there is no "magic MMA workout routine." There are numerous ways to put together your training, and often times your workout schedule is built around your other training goals.
One adjustment you can make is to plan your hardest and most intense workouts towards the end of the week when you might be taking a day or two to rest.

The reason? Recovery.

Think of it this way: If you do your most intense workouts at the very beginning of the week, you'll likely be sore and exhausted for the rest of the week. You might grit through the rest of the week, but more than likely, you'll be tearing your body down, making you more susceptible to injury or catching a cold from weakening your natural defenses.

Probably the best way to figure it out is by finding what already works for successful professional fighters and essentially copying what you can from them and then tweaking it to fit your own personal MMA training schedule and goals.

Take, for example, Mario Sperry's MMA workout routine:

Monday through Friday - Jiu-Jitsu training during the day. Muay Thai training in the evening.
Conditioning Training 3x per week

Tuesday and Thursday wrestling.
You'll notice that he does some form of circuit training two to three times per week and then other conditioning workouts throughout the week. Hopefully this helps you understand how you might organize your workouts as well.

Want to boost your chances in the ring, cage or mat? Want to ensure you have gas in the tank when you need it? Don't leave your conditioning to chance with questionable MMA workouts.

Turbo charge your conditioning with a blend of old school techniques put together with cutting edge science and battle-tested experience.
Check out our free MMA workouts for you to try.
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The author makes a strong note about how an mma school will rotate the workouts to cater to the fighter's fight schedule. In addition, the mma school should know that injury and recovery are parts of the game, and there is not magic bullet to make this go away, but you can try to minimize it by scheduling the mma routine accordingly.
I think the key message of this article is that an mma school should rotate it's workout to accommodate the fighter's workout, but also the natural body's response to training.
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Has anybody trained at Ivan Salaverry's school? | Seattle | Yelp - On a mobile device? Try our mobile site, optimized for faster browsing. For security purposes, you must enable JavaScript in your browser settings in order to access this page's full functionality. For most browsers, this option can be found in the Preferences menu.

MMA School: Top 10 Wrestling Strength and Conditioning Tips

In the following article, I will take you through the top 10 essential exercises and program design tools for you to train yourself as a wrestler or also for the strength and conditioning coach.

1. Use a stop watch- You can use time to be more effective and start with 30 seconds and add 15 seconds every 3 weeks until you are up to 1.5 minutes per exercise with 10 rest. One key point is to always count as well so you have goals each time around.

2. Airdyne- This is a must tool and has to be in your program, you can do timed half miles and burst of 15 seconds or more with a predetermined rest period. You need to have a starting point so let's say each half mile in under 1:20 with 1 minute rest to start and cut both down every 3 weeks. The burst should start with 15 seconds hard and 45 seconds rest and eventually end up the other way around as the season gets close and the rounds should begin at 10 and decrease as the rest does to prepare you for wrestling.

3. Sleds - Pushing and Pulling the sled tests your conditioning your drive and your heart because you will want to quit or dog it but keep pushing or pulling to the end.

4. Olympic Lifts - I like either hang cleans or power cleans but you could choose another and keep mixing it up. This should not be done like other sports but use in the timed workouts for high reps with constant quick explosions. I do like heavy Olympic lifts on off days but not this workout.

5. Explosive Pushups - Again these are timed so don't feel badly about finishing from the knees because most of you will need to for a while until you get stronger and in better condition.

6. Vertimax Jumps - Use your hands to hold the straps so you can get right to the next exercise and keep the heart rate up.

7. Kettlebell swings- Switching hands each explosion allows you to not worry about the time but keep on cranking them out

8. CloseGrip Pullups- I think this is your best choice but ofcourse you should mix it up and do chinups and pullups but this will work you more in a wrestling specific way and it is the easiest way to start.

9. Wrestling Lunges with weights in fingertips- Holding 25lb. weights with your fingers while lunging from wrestling stance and walking or stationary depending on space.

10. Bent Over Rows- Keep it on the lighter side and remember explosive movements for the entire time.

Using these exercises with time in mind and adjusting to keep pushing yourself to peak for the beginning of the season will give you a competitive edge. Please check out for more great exercises for wrestlers.

Brian Silfies, CSCS, USAW Sports Performance Coach. Brian is the founder and owner of the Athlete Training Center, One2One Brians fitness, and Wrestlerstrengthonline.

Brian grew up wrestling in Reading PA, starting in 4th grade and continued through college. Brian Silfies is also a volunteer wrestling coach for a local high school and MMA school in Concord NH. Check out more information at
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  In any mma school, conditioning is a key element to a fighter's overall mma training regiment.
While most mma schools may not have all the tools available to fighters. For example, many mixed martial arts schools will probably not have sleds. They are fairly large, may not be used every day and require a great deal of space to use. Kettlebells, while small, may not be popularly used.
Overall, though, this article sets a pretty good regiment for anyone looking to get into good shape. And if your mma school doesn't have one of these tools, available, tell them to get it.

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MMA School: How to Become an MMA Fighter

A lot of people ask us how to get started in MMA training some goals are simply to get in better shape and they feel MMA training is the vehicle to drive them their while some want to become an actual MMA fighter and step into the ring/octagon. Since MMA carries with it not just one type of discipline and currently is hard to find an all in one place to train in MMA. In this article we will go over 4 key areas that will help your quest of becoming an MMA fighter or just in better shape. This article assumes you don't have the all in one MMA training camp accessibility you would if you moved to Vegas. These four elements can be used in any town across the US.

1. Kicking and Punching (Muay Thai, Karate, Boxing)
This work is to quicken your hand and feet work and can be done with a heavy back or if you can train with a partner who can hold either the kicking bags or focus mitts. The focus mitts will train your eye/hand coordination and is great at developing quickness in both kicks and punches. The heavy bag is more of a power building movement which gives you a lot of knockout power.

2. Strength training (Power Cleans, Snatch, Jerk)
Most of your strength training needs to consist of compound exercises. What this means is that you will choose lifting exercises that use more than one muscle when doing it. Unlike body builders that want to isolate the muscle for maximum growth you want to train your muscle to work together and have then fire exactly at the same time. Lifting heavy weights is exactly how you do this. The Olympic lifts are excellent at doing this while also training your core. These lifts consist of the clean, jerk, and power cleans which all will increase your explosiveness and quickness. One other thing to keep in mind is "barbell is better than machine dumbbell is better than barbell". So on any exercises where you can utilize dumbbells do so. This again will train your muscles both on your left and right side to explode together and also strengthens your core due to balancing the dumbbells.

3. Ground Training (Judo, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu)
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu can be difficult to train on your own but you can get BJJ dummies that really help simulate a partner to practice your submissions. To practice this part of your game it is best to join a school or class. Even attending class once a week and practicing the other times at home can pay hug dividends on your ground game. One place to also look is at your local high school. Many wrestling programs would love having an additional assistant coach and in turn your can get in their and do some learning and give the kids a good workout also.

4. MMA Training
MMA is a game of being well rounded and not specific to one style of martial arts. This can make it tough to train since a lot of schools and trainers don't have multiple skills yet. Instructors with multiple fighting styles will become more of the norm with the explosion of MMA. There has already been a shift in some Taekwondo schools to throw in some ground and pound movements. So whether you have a school close by that trains in all the different disciplines or you have to go multiple places to get your training and get better it is well worth it.

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thacker MMA Supplies
Tony Hackerott - EzineArticles Expert Author
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 Aside from the terrible grammar, the article's main points are legitimate for an mma fighter looking for an mma school too.
In terms of training, if you were looking for an mma school, these are very important points to look to develop for very obvious reasons.
1. The stand up game, for most, is the most exciting, and at the very least is where all fights start. MMA schools usually have coaches and skilled professionals that have dedicated themselves to a stand up art, be it Muay Thai, boxing or Karate - so its best to make sure the mma school you are thinking of joining, has at least one.
2. Strength helps a ton, make sure that the mma school in consideration has the facilities necessary for weight training, kettle bells, bungee cords and anything else to lift, push or pull. MMA schools will also have dedicated strength and conditioning coaches.
3. Most fights, I would say 90% of all UFC fights hit the ground at least once, and sometimes once is enough for a fighter to lock in a submission. That makes it a top priority to ensure that the mma school has a reputable brazilian jiu jitsu, bjj or wrestling trainer. It is also fun to learn - this coming from a striker.
4. Yes Yes Yes on the last one, the most important thing for an mma school to be able to do is to integrate all the skill sets learned.

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MMA School: 5 Things to Consider When Choosing a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu School Or Program!

In the right program students learn techniques to build their self-esteem, get a great work out, and most importantly, defend themselves.

Children learn how to defend themselves with practical techniques that benefit smaller practitioners. They learn to build confidence, de-escalate dangerous situations, and most importantly how to avoid fights before they happen.

It all begins with selecting a great school or program that meets your criteria and needs. Let me just give you some of my advice about choosing a Brazilian Jiu-jitsu school, especially as a beginner.
You should not choose a school simply because they are close to your home or on price alone. You have to be very selective. Looks can be deceiving... for example, just because an ad in the Yellow Pages or a website looks good, doesn't mean that the jiu-jitsu school is the right one for you. It just means that they are better at marketing and design than some of the other schools listed.

I suggest you check into a few of the schools by calling them and visiting them and then make your decision. It might end up that you still go to the school with the cool ad... and that's fine. But, at least you did your homework first.

If you want to quickly have the highest level of success, I suggest you find a school that has all of the pieces of the 'Right School' in place. In my opinion you should NEVER consider joining a school or BJJ program unless it meets the following FIVE BASIC criteria:

1. The school MUST have a qualified instructor or coach. Too many people have the belief that because they have earned a brown or black belt, that they now can open a school and teach martial arts. My analogy for that is just because you like to eat fine meals doesn't make you a chef.

2. The school MUST have value rich program. Why because you should shop by the value you are getting from the school, not just the cost alone. Remember the saying, "You get what you pay for" - well this is true in grappling programs.

3. The school MUST have a written curriculum they can show you. You'll be shocked to know how many schools don't follow a step-by-step program so neither the teacher nor the student knows where they are going nor how far along they are. These school just play it by ear... horrible way to run a professional school.

4. The school MUST allow you to set your own goals whether you just want to be physically fit, learn self-defense or train for the competitive level. You don't want to be forced into any sparring if you don't want to.

5. The school MUST be clean and well kept. Of course you want to see clean and well-kept surroundings that you should expect from any professional school. You don't have to settle for anything less.

I can't stress enough how important choosing a Brazilian jiu-jitsu school or program really is. It should not be taken lightly, that's why many BJJ schools have created some sort of Risk-Free Trial Package.
The cost of most of these trial packages will range anywhere from free to as much as $200. Of course the price will often depend on the duration of the training (for example: one class or one month) and if bonuses are included (such as an official Brazilian jiu-jitsu uniform and belt or instructional DVD).
I strongly suggest you purchase a trial package that doesn't commit you to enrolling.

Jamel McCurry is the owner and head instructor of Jamel's Jiu-jitsu Academy located in Clinton Township, Michigan. It is by far one of Macomb County Michigan's premier martial arts school that offers practical self-defense training in a relaxed, family atmosphere. Visit us online at or if your in the neighborhood... Come in and receive two weeks free of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai and Boxing instruction. You have nothing to lose and confidence to gain!
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Hmm. This article is overall good, but bothers me on some key issues.
The pluses are of course, visiting the mma school in person, and the mma school or bjj school should be kept clean.
I have to disagree with some of the other major points in this article.
1. You need a good coach, yes you do, but sometimes the the head guy of the mma school acts like a figure head and just kind of walks around making sure that things are in order. This is not the kind of mma school that you want to be in. You want to make sure that the head guy, is good, but also that the other teachers are just as good.
2. You get what you pay for???? Really????? This is clearly coming from someone that charges for his services. He really want to hit home the message. Not going to say anything more about this.
3. How many mma schools or bjj school have a written curriculum? I don't think that any of the Gracie's have this? I don't think tenth planet has this. I think an mma school that has this, has at least thought out a program, which is a good thing, but I don't think its necessary for an mma school to have this. Besides some coaches are able to keep these things in their head, some can't. Furthermore the coaches are able to deviate and if the students are strong in one area and want to develop another. It also allows for the coach to try new things out.
4. Make sure your new mma school allows you to set your own goals. It seems as though this statement negates the previous statement. Where the curriculum is already set, im not really sure how you want to get what you want out of the program, and expect someone else who joined for different reasons to get the same level of satisfaction. I dunno, let me know if Im wrong.
 5. The mma school must be well kept- friggin absolutely. It is imperative that an mma school or bjj school be kept clean. With all the staff infections and athletes foot, it's soooo easy for an mma school to turn healthy fighters into hospital patients.
Well, at least this article caused me to think, it took a hard stance, which is not easy and communicated what it thought was the right guide to choosing an mma school or bjj school.

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MMA School: Ultimate Fighting Training Options

To train as an Ultimate Fighter or mixed martial artist you have a few different options. Whether you want to ease into a few different styles, or try to go full throttle, here are some important options to consider:

1. Train Jujitsu. One excellent way to introduce yourself to one aspect of ultimate fighting is by beginning to train jujitsu. Here you will learn the ground game which is very important in mixed martial arts. Not only the various aspects of wrestling will be covered, but also choke holds, submissions, locks and take downs will be covered. You will also get a taste of the endurance aspect to the sport. Jujitsu is incredibly draining. Being on the ground can take a lot out of you and during your jujitsu sparring sessions you'll soon realize how important cardiovascular training is and what it really feels like to be exhausted during a fight.

2. Train Muay Thai. By training Muay Thai you'll learn different strikes and all the different kicks used in the stand up game of Ultimate Fighting. It's an excellent way to perfect your stand up, not only learning offensive moves, but learning how to effectively defend and deflect strikes, kicks, and in close knees. Some people will choose boxing to train their stand up game, but Muay Thai gives a more rounded and realistic approach to what it will be like fighting as an Ultimate Fighter.

3. Train at a Mixed Martial Arts school. There are more of these beginning to pop up and for one wanting a well rounded approach to mixed martial arts and Ultimate Fighting, this could be an excellent option. Here you'll learn all aspects of the game, stand up, ground game, striking, punching, kicking, elbows, knee's and so forth. Some schools may have separate Muay Thai or Jujitsu classes you can attend as well.

Before training anywhere, first pick yourself up a training manual that you can practice with at home. I've discovered a great mixed martial arts training guide that covers it all. Check out

Here you can get your training done cheaply and effectively, and then you'll be prepared if you choose to join a school. Feel free to visit and thanks for reading.
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When selecting an mma school, i've often heard that the most solid base for an mma fighter training is wrestling. Bas Rutten and many others have said that a strong wrestling background will help a fighter tremendously. This is a big aspect that the article failed to mention - even though it could be built into the mma school.
With all that said, if you look at the big organization, the UFC, only one champion was a collegiate wrestler.
Hmmmm, that's interesting, out of all 5 weight classes, only Brock Lesnar has a wrestling background. Many more expert mma fans, might say that GSP is a great wrestler, but he didn't start training until well after college. BJ Penn is a bjj/puncher, Anderson Silva is a Muay Thai practitioner, Lyoto Machida is a Karate guy.
So, in closing, when choosing an mma school, if you are looking to be a real mma fighter, maybe the best thing is to get really good at one thing and then manage that which you don't know.

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